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Support Our Cause

Support Our Cause

Are you seeking a meaningful place to contribute your support? At DHNA, every donation holds the power to transform our community. Rest assured, 100% of the funds you generously provide go directly into our impactful community programs and projects. Furthermore, your donation is eligible for tax deductions.

We extend a warm welcome to volunteers who share our passion. Your time and dedication are invaluable to us, and we greet every volunteer with open arms.

Every contribution, whether through donations or volunteerism, is deeply cherished and appreciated. Together, we can create positive change in our community.


These funds go 100% to helping making the DHNA the best it can be. Which includes but is not limited to free or low cost events for the community, clean up efforts, and local outreach efforts. Donate today!


In order to make anything a success, volunteers are needed at the heart of an organization. When it comes to special functions or just cleaning up our community. We need your help!


If you can't give time, be kind and give money. If you can't give money, be kind, and give time. The more we help each other the more our community can grow! 

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