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The mission of the Dunbar Historic Neighborhood Association is to  build a coalition focused on preserving and promoting the cultural history of the Dunbar Historic District and create opportunities for community, education and economic development.

Dunbar High School Class of 1939 Pictured


Our vision is to uplift our community through better resources, community outreach, and the arts. Our vision is to make our neighborhood great again. 


The community that we serve rest within the boundaries of Martin Luther King Drive and  West 8th Street to Broadway and West 29th. 

Meet The Dunbar Historic Neighborhood Association Board

Angel Burt - Executive Director

Angela Shaw - President

Jamesia Givan - Secretary

Tonisha Thorpe - Treasurer

Mayo Johnson

Brenttia Clayton

Osyrus Bolly

KenDrell Collins

Marcia Kemp

Valerie Pruitt

Deidra Jones

Marlow Rockwell

Garbo Hearne

Kenya Eddings


The Dunbar Historic Neighborhood Association is powered by a great team of workers! 

Membership Dues: $20 annually

The  Dunbar Historic Neighborhood Association meets at 6pm on the Third Thursday of  the month at Dunbar Community Center at 1001 W. 16th St, Little Rock, AR 72202

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